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than + andrea | wedding


This wedding was a pleasure to be a part of, camera in hand.  Andrea was organized, thoughtful, peaceful, and happy.  Than and Andrea took their day in stride, enjoying every moment, yet not forgetting that their wedding day was only the start of a lifetime.

top ten | Italy

1. Rome | Roma

Every now and again, happy little photographic accidents happen… like birds flying into your frame.

2. Colosseo | Roma

I like this image of the Colosseum because of the vintagey feel and the unusual angle.

3. Ponte Vecchio | Firenze

God paints the most beautiful sunsets….

4. Overlooking the City | Firenze

This older lady sat here for a long while – It intrigued me.  Who was she?  Why was she just sitting there?  What was going through her mind?

5. A Storm Rolls In | Colosseo | Roma

One afternoon we had a little free time, so we spent it sitting on a hill close to the Colloseum and did some people watching.  After a while some serious-looking rain clouds started building up, giving the seen an almost-HDR look.  I loved the imposing backdrop that it gave for this imposing building.

6. Colosseo by Night | Roma

Probably my second-favorite image from the trip… I like the contrast of the ancient Colloseum with the busy night-life in Rome.

7. Venice | Venezia

To me this says “Typical Venice”… So much charm and magic.

8. Santa Maria della Salute | Venezia

Those blue and red blurs near the bottom of the frame?  Those are boats.  The “streets” of Venice are busy at night!

9. Venezia | Venice

Again… Typical Venetian charm… Gondolas and all.

10. Double Rainbow Over Manarola | Cinque Terre

Without a doubt this is my favorite image from Italy.  I love when you’re looking at something beautiful and God says, “Ha!  I can make it better!”  What I didn’t realize until I got home was that God sent a *double* rainbow that morning.  As Ansel Adams once said, “Sometimes I do get to places just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter. ”